السَّلامُ عَلَیْکَ یَا أَبَا الْحَسَنِ یا عَلِیَّ بْنَ مُحَمَّدٍ أیُّهَا الهَادی النَّقی   به مناسبت سالروز شهادت جانگداز حضرت امام هادی عليه‌ الصلوة و السّلام؛ مراسم سخنرانی و مرثيه‌سرايی، چهارشنبه ۱ فروردین ۱۳۹۷ (سوم رجب‌) از  ساعت 9...
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Eid – ul – Fitr
Prayer and Zakat (Charity)

Prayer and Zakat (Charity)

As we have mentioned that in the ritual of prayer, all the groups of people participate, which depicts the equality among them and the Muslim brotherhood. While offering the prayer and reciting the supplication of Qunut, in the two sermons and speech after the prayer, the most sublime lessons are taught to everyone, and the necessary points are informed to the common masses; and everyone is invited to take forward the Islamic motives, honour the holy signs and symbols, spread the knowledge, command the desirable and prohibit the undesirable, with a heroic endeavour.

Those who own the expenses of the year or hold such a profession or job that their income is much more than their expenditure throughout the year, such people must participate in Zakat (charity) and helping the weak.

No sort of unethical rituals, extravagant expenditure and unnecessary spending exist in this Islamic feast. Therefore, there remains no excuse for the filthy character of the extravagant, wealthy, lusty and drunkards.

This Eid is not like the Christmas feast in which the Christian world engages in wrong deeds, sinful and corrupt acts, which includes dancing, obscenity, drinking and debauchery; and in the name of Jesus (peace be upon Him) and religion, gatherings of gambling, intoxication, alcoholism and music are held, which undoubtedly saddens Jesus[1] – the pure Messenger of Allah – and nor is it like the 13th day of Nauroz or Nauroz vacations in which even recently, the pubs and cabarets, sessions of obscenity and gambling, as well as unchasteness, treachery, killings and murders were very prevalent. Also, as per the figures provided, the infants conceived in such sessions had mental and physical defects.

Other days with honourable names such as Mother’s day, Teacher’s day, Children’s day etc. have come into being which are empty of any reality and the motive behind them is mere formalities and conducting rituals; they engage people’s sentiments on a temporary basis in a childish and ignorant way.

Such days should not be known as Eid; these rituals are nothing but an imitation of a strange, unreal and false western culture; if not, then all days are Mother’s day and on each day, the rights of mothers and teachers should be honoured mandatorily.[2]

In the Islamic atmosphere – which is the supreme centre of human sentiments – honour and respect for mothers, teachers, children etc. must be considered each day and every moment.

In the places where throughout the year, parents and teachers are ignored and forgotten, when they find these sentiments diminishing and dying, then in order to remember and refresh its memories, they ascertain one day in the entire year when they visit their mothers and remember them in a fake way. Therefore, these days must be remembered as the anniversaries of the destruction and removal of supreme human sentiments.

Why is the nation which really considers itself indebted to its mothers, fathers and teachers, and whose religion nurtures it for the payment of such rights, in need of these make-believe, unreal and hollow theatricals.

          In the month of Ramadan itself, we Muslims learn so many lessons of truthfulness regarding father and mother etc. and in the supplications, we repeatedly remember our mother and think about her pains and services.

          Long live Islam! It’s has kept the upbringing and welfare the soul and spirit of society as its pivotal program, and it utilizes from all the opportunities for the intellectual progress and willpower of humanity.

          This Eid – ul – Fitr is a reminder of all the worthy meanings and supreme human values and a guide towards every good human deed.

"ان تدخلنی فی کل خیر ادخلت فیه محمداً و آل محمد، و ان تخرجنی من کل سوء اخرجت منه محمدا و آل محمد"

“I beseech You to enter me in every good where You have entered Mohammad and his progeny, and exit me from every evil from which You have exited Mohammad and his Progeny”.

          This Eid, is the Eid of Allah and the season of supplications, prayers and good deeds towards the servants of Allah and pure visitations. It is approximately fourteen centuries since this great Eid has been conducted; it hasn’t been heard till today that for the preparations of this Eid and participation in its rituals, a person has committed suicide or the case of a couple has been dragged to the court of law.

          This is an Eid in which on the place of unsafe enjoyments, everyone visits mosques and prayer halls for the Eid prayer; and Allah has made it a source of good, a sign of dignity and kindness of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon Him and His Progeny), and the cause of elevation for Islamic glories.



[1] Worse than Christians, are those who portray themselves as Muslims and participate in these indecent and unethical rituals, giving up their Islamic and national independence. Like the pre-revolution times when a few Muslims used to register their names in cabarets and take their wives and children to these indecent sessions. More astonishing was that they wrote in the magazines those days that many of the Christians used to refrain from participating in the common gatherings of these rituals while most of the Iranian Muslims participated in it.

                Is this the meaning of modernization and independence? Is this a decent life? Are these acts that cause the progress and advancement of a nation? If others commit wrongdoings and wicked deeds, must we imitate them and propagate it?

[2] This misconception mustn’t arise that we are criticizing the commemoration of mother’s rights and other respected and honorable titles – which are conducted on a single day of the year; because if it is real even to this extent, then honoring someone’s right is a godly act; instead, our motive behind presenting this point is that if the mother’s right is deemed honorable for instance, and if the position of a teacher is honored, then why shouldn’t we rely upon the supreme teachings of Islam and the holy Quran, and why shouldn’t we utilize those social sentiments of Islam – which thankfully remain in the hearts even today – and why have we made the teaching and nurturing conditions such that the moral obligations and conscience has weakened to such an extent that the right of mothers has been neglected. Come, let’s become the people of truth and seek the satisfaction of our father and mother sincerely, from the depth of our soul. 


Friday / 23 March / 2018