▪️العلماء باقون ما بقی الدهر ▪️   از ماتم ارتحال شخصیتی بزرگ، فقیهی عالیقدر و مرجعی ولایی، که در خدمت به اسلام و تلاش در اعلای کلمه دین و امر به معروف و نهی از منکر و در یک کلمه‌ی جامع، نوکری خالص به آقایش حضرت بقیة مولانا المهدی ارواح...
Monday: 23 / 10 / 2017 ( )

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Eid – ul – Fitr
A Story of Imam Ali’s Asceticism

A Story of Imam Ali’s Asceticism

In the end, by reciting this Hadith and carefully studying the rules and regulations of the Islamic rule and equality, we will gain admonition from it and learn the lesson of freedom

          “Mohammad bin Abdur Rahman Judayli Misri” says in his book “Amaali Ramadan”:

          A man came to Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (peace be upon Him) – when he was officially the statesman of Muslims – on the day of Eid.

          He saw that on the Eid day, Imam Ali (peace be upon Him) was eating a loaf of dry bread.

          He said: O Amir ul Momineen! Are you eating dry bread on the day of Eid?

          (He had assumed that because it is the day of Eid, all the varieties of dishes will be available on Imam’s dining cloth)

          Ali (peace be upon Him) replied: Indeed, Eid is for someone whose fasts are accepted and whose offerings are gratified; and every day on which a sin is not committed is the day of Eid.

          Today is admonition for us, and tomorrow is Eid, and all the days in which one doesn’t commit a sin is Eid for us.